Stock photographs

Real world outlets

Two local galleries stock my work.


I have a Cafepress shop, where you can get cards, T shirts, mugs, tiles, and all sorts of other things that can have a photograph printed on them. Click here to see the gallery of available images, or here to visit the shop (in a new window).

On-line sales and gallery

You can buy some of my images on various things (T shirts, mugs, and so on) from Cafepress, buy them on Fotolia as stock photographs, and just look at them on my Flickr account.


I have a Flickr account, where I post all sorts of stuff - not all of it will make it to the prints, cards and so on that I sell. You can see it here.


Some of my photographs are available as stock photographs, on Fotolia. Click here to see which ones.

Swan House Gallery, Kings Head Street, Harwich

Swan House Gallery have a regularly changing display (they generally have a completely new exhibition every month), and a craft supplies shop. If you get there, then be sure to go and admire the Tudor wall paining in the craft shop.

Handmade Gallery, High Street, Dovercourt

The Handmade Gallery in Dovercourt High Street (up the hill from the traffic lights, on the right hand side) stock hand made goods by local craftspeople (including photographers).

Mushrooms growing in a local woodland
A Swiss farmhouse in the winter.
Hellebores backlit by spring sunlight.
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