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Here are the various presentations I have given, white papers, and other useful resources as I develop them. I hope you find them useful.
This page is under development, and things will be added to it as I get to them.


"More Than Just Models - Developing and Delivering a Working Data Management Service": Enterprise Data World, Tampa, April 2009, and Data Management and Information Quality conference, London, November 2009. There is a lot more to data management than data models. Slides here.


"Why Corporate Data Models are Different": DAMA UK - Data Modelling for the 21st Century, March 2007. How corporate (aka enterprise) data models differ from project models, some of the things you can do with them, and why this is a Good Thing! Slides here


"The Trials of Data Modelling in UML": DAMA International London conference, November 2006. Why UML isn't designed for data modelling (and what it is good for). Slides here.


"Dancing with Dinosaurs - Why Data isn't Agile!: SDWest 2006 - Software Development Conference and Expo, Santa Clara, CA. Aimed at developers, telling them what data architects do and how to get the most from them. Slides here.


"Use the Process! Or, how Entity Life Cycles can help define the data": DAMA International London conference, November 2003, and DAMA International Symposium and Wilshire Metadata Conference. May 2005. In order to understand the data, you have to understand the processes that affect and use it. Slides here.


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